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What we do & How we work

What we do & How we work

Making your travel dreams a reality is our passion!

Since we opened our doors in 1984, we have always been focused on travel to Europe, especially Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

The team is traveling to these countries on an annual basis to stay on top of current travel trends and to network with our contacts directly in the destination, so we can curate the perfect journey for you.

We create complete itineraries, including those that require the most detailed travel planning and arrangements. From a short 4 night self-drive down the Romantic Road to a complete journey through several countries, including a river cruise in between; we do it all.

Because we have excellent airline contracts, our Air Department can offer reduced airfares, especially in Business Class. Many of the European ethnic communities in the US rely on us for their flight ‘home’.

Here is a list of our services:

Germany, Austria & Switzerland:

  • Flights, Car Rentals, Rail Passes
  • Hotels, Hostels, Castle & Farm Stays, Bed & Breakfasts
  • River Cruises
  • Guided Vacations
  • Individual Itinerary Planning
  • Themed Vacations: Religious, Heritage, Music, History, Military, Castles, Food & Wine Fairytale
  • Self-Drive Vacations
  • City Packages & Activities
  • Hotels, Villas, Castle & Farm Stays, Bed & Breakfasts
  • Group Travel
  • Incentives & Event Travel

In addition to our Signature Destinations, we offer:

  • Beach Vacations in Hawaii, Mexico, South Pacific, Asia, Caribbean, and more
  • Africa Safaris
  • Cruises Worldwide
  • Guided Vacations Worldwide
  • Independent Vacations Worldwide
  • Itinerary Planning Worldwide
  • Tours & Activities
  • River Cruises in Europe, Asia & Russia
  • Flights, Car Rentals & Hotels Worldwide
  • Travel Insurance Services
  • Other Concierge Services

How we work

We work for you!

With over 35 years of experience, our team of highly trained travel professionals is skilled at providing personal service, insider connections, exclusive benefits, and experts across the globe with whom we collaborate to create highly customized vacation experiences. We are certified in many destinations and regions and have key contacts with the management of hundreds of reputable travel/tour/cruise operators and ground service providers on all seven continents. Ongoing training in technology, destinations, and products is a requirement of being an advisor at Nonstop Travel.

Our Service Experience Packages are perfect for any vacation. It does not matter if you already have a trip in mind and want some additional guidance and peace of mind to ensure everything works out well, or if you are planning a brand-new journey or cruise from scratch with transportation options, accommodations, in destination excursions, private guides, and more. We offer service plans for every occasion.

Discovery Call

Fill out our online form or better, give us a call and we schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with one of our Travel Designers, depending on your destination or cruise line. Of course, if you have worked with us before, you are being matched with your personal Travel Designer.

Choose your Experience Plan

We will guide you through the different plan options and explain the detailed cost, as it can vary depending on the trip and the number of travelers. Then sign our Service Agreement and you are one step closer to your vacation.

We curate your personal itinerary

Depending on your vacation and the plan you have chosen, we get into the details like trip style, budget, special requests, themes, food, and additional options. We then create your personal itinerary and present it to you. We will be in contact along the way to ensure that we are not missing anything. Once the itinerary is perfect, we deposit the trip on your behalf and go over all payment and insurance options.

Trip Enhancements

Once your vacation has been booked, we offer additional enhancements like pre-and post-options, concierge services in the destination, and special arrangements. We also have destination guides with restaurant recommendations and special experiences.

Ready for Take-Off!

A few weeks before your vacation we will make sure that everything is in order and send you the documents. We then review them with you, before you can start packing your bags. We are always here for you, even while on your trip.