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When it comes to travel, maximizing your valuable time is essential. This means every aspect of your journey should be tailored just for you. Whether helping you determine an idyllic locale and accommodations or arranging pursuits replete with personal touches, our unsurpassed travel experience gives us an eye for the exceptional. Discover how our personalized VIP services open doors, deliver authentic encounters and delight with benefits that fit YOU. Discover what you've been missing...

1. Every Trip, A Trip Of A Lifetime.
When you plan your travel with us, this is exactly what happens. In addition to our travel expertise, you are given access to a world of benefits unique to your needs. Our mission is to go beyond simply offering extraordinary amenities. We extend benefits that meet your aspirations, personality and tastes. That’s when benefits become benefits that fit you.
2. Anticipating Your Needs, Because We Care. 
With the abundance of travel options available in today’s world, it is our first priority to understand your interests and how we can best serve you. We are here to listen and take the time to know you so we can arrange for every moment of your journey to be flawlessly tailored just for you. Whether that translates into delivering a special breakfast to your suite every morning or scheduling a behind-the-scenes tour of your favorite museum, we are here for you.

3.  VIP Experiences, Expert Craftmanship. 
We have a finger on the pulse of the “latest and greatest.” Benefit from our insider connections. Land a coveted table at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Tokyo, enjoy front row seats at the Ballet de l’opéra National de Paris or view the splendor of the Amazonian rainforest while staying in a private tree house. You will receive the most exclusive privileges and incredible access every step of the way.
4.  At Your Service, With You All The Way.
Because you know that someone is handling the details, you travel with confidence. We are always here to provide advice and support before, during and after your journey. This assurance provides you with the utmost flexibility, allowing you to change course on a whim while we handle all the details.
5. Luxury Stays, Seamless Arrangements.
We hand-select the world’s finest accommodations for our collection of over 800 of the most luxurious hotels, resorts and spas. Then the choice is yours, from a five-star cosmopolitan hotel to an intimate safari camp, we’ll help you find the hotel, room and special services that are right for you.
6. Above Expectation, Even At Sea Level.
Cruise vacations epitomize indulgence, which we underpin with exceptional extras and unique privileges. Imagine a private shore excursion with a driver awaiting you in port or an invitation to an exclusive onboard party. Prepaid gratuities, shipboard credits and hosted sailings are just a few of the exclusive extras you can expect as our privileged guest.
7. Plans for four. Plans for 40. Plans for Anything.
Serving as your hub for organizing multifaceted forays, be it a destination wedding in Fiji, a family reunion in the Caribbean or a tour through Africa for ages spanning three generations, our expertise makes travel planning with family and friends fun for you and everyone.



The Travel Experience, Issue 19

Why do you love to travel? The answer for most travelers reflects the joy that stems from new experiences. To help you discover ways to explore the world, we're pleased to share our digital magazine,The Travel Experience.


What's inside The Travel Experience, Issue 19:

  • Found in Fiji
  • Alaska: Cruising the Last Frontier
  • Your Exclusive Getaway
  • Voyages of Grandeur with Seabourn
  • From Adventurous Alaska to Tantalizing Europe
  • 'Tis the Season - Uniworld's All Inclusive Holiday Season River Cruises in Europe


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