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View Offers Brendan Vacations showcases  Ireland’s finest, including dedicated locals and artisans perpetuating a sustainable legacy.
View Offers My main entice to explore southwestern Ireland with Brendan Vacations is not just for a private, personalized experience, but also for its Make Travel Matter® program. As part of Brendan Vacations and The Travel Corporation’s non-profit The Treadright Foundation, Make Travel Matter focuses on planet, people, and wildlife. As such, my private introduction to the Burren Farm Experience focuses on all three. A fifth-generation operation by husband-and-wife team Cathal and Bronagh O’Rourke and located in the heart of the Burren in County Clare, the working farm embraces a growing sustainable movement in southwestern Ireland.
View Offers Envision a realm where crisp air is tinged with peat smoke's embrace, where ancient castles murmur centuries-old arcana, and where emerald landscapes stretch under boundless skies. This is the realm offered by Brendan Vacations, a gateway to immersing yourself in Celtic wonder.
View Offers For over two decades, Europe Express has been guiding visitors through cultural portals with curated, flexible itineraries that spark curiosity and deliver wonderment. Extend your European explorations pre- or post-cruise, or change a flight stopover into a multiday immersion into local cultures.
View Offers Vacationing in Europe is a captivating experience that blends rich history, diverse cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. With efficient transportation networks connecting its myriad attractions, a European vacation promises a seamless blend of cultural enrichment and unforgettable memories. Book by May 31st to save $200 on your 2024 vacation.

These featured packages are just a sample of Europe Express’ offerings and can be fully customized, or other destinations can be booked fully custom to suit your interests and budget.
View Offers Before or after your voyage, make the most out of every moment in the captivating town of Churchill, Manitoba.

On northern safaris, you can experience why Churchill has long been known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World. With almost 1,000 polar bears in this Western Hudson Bay population, Churchill is the perfect location for naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts to view polar bears in the wild as they congregate and wait for the ice to form on Hudson Bay. Spot them along with arctic foxes, wolves, snow geese and other wildlife from a tundra vehicle or get up close and personal as you walk with polar bears while staying at a remote eco lodge.
View Offers Picture it: After waking up to fresh breezes rolling off the Bay of Palermo and exclaiming over the artful foam decoration on your morning cappuccino, a day of adventures unfolds before you. When you reserve an excursion with Europe Express, elements of Sicily’s rich traditions and expressive personality seem to seep into your soul.
View Offers EXPLORING ARGENTINA IS LIKE DISCOVERING MANY COUNTRIES IN ONE. You’ll find tropical jungles and wetlands in the northeast, dry valleys and high mountain peaks in the Andean region to the west, fertile plains in the central Pampas, and vast Patagonian steppes reaching towards Antarctica. As the eighth largest country in the world, Argentina is enormous — roughly the size of India!
View Offers Discover Peru your way with these four, five, or six night flexible Private Journeys.
View Offers Discover three vibrant nations, experiencing their people, cultures and culinary treasures firsthand, including fine wines, on an active, immersive journey that explores Mendoza’s winelands, Patagonia’s epic landscapes and stunning Iguazu Falls, all made possible by private chartered flights that dissolve the distances between destinations.